Maine Conservation Corps Announces April Volunteers of the Month!

The Maine Conservation Corps is happy to announce that April’s Volunteers of the Month are Barbara and Charlie Grunden of Falmouth, Maine. The couple was nominated by Liz Deletetsky an Environmental Steward at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. Liz commented that the pair is known to “walk through ankle breaking terrain for about a half mile to get to the work site. They work hard and always have a great attitude.” Barbara graciously offered some fascinating information about their backgrounds:

Barbara has a history in science education and has studied general and natural sciences. After taking some courses at the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry, she became an Environmental Educator and Administrator at a small museum within the New York State park system.

IMG_1597The Grundens spent time in the Marshall Islands where Charlie worked as a high powered radar engineer. After two years overseas, they returned to Maine’s Downeast area. Barbara began volunteering with the Audubon Society and joined the Josselyn Botanical Society. Charlie finished off his career as the manager of the Columbia Falls Air Force radar facility where he worked with Over the Horizon Backscatter Radar. The couple moved to Southern Maine after Charlie retired at the age of 65.

Barbara has been an active member in the Plant Conservation Volunteer program since its first crew was established. She is active in monitoring vernal pools, New England Cotton Tails, Heron rookeries and invasive plants through Invasive Plant Atlas of New England. In addition Barbara is a Seanet volunteer and has been involved in surveys of dragonflies and butterflies. This year she began helping with the Maine Bumblebee Survey. She has been volunteering with Rachel Carson longer than she can remember and has been pulling invasive garlic mustard for as long as it has been there. Charlie is her constant companion on her expeditions and is in charge of the GPS and Camera.

The MCC offers many volunteer opportunities every year! If you are interested in volunteering with us, please check out our account on Volunteer Maine.

This Post Written and Prepared by Dylan Cookson: AmeriCorps Member and MCC Volunteer and Outreach Corrdinator

Contributions to the article made by:

  • Liz Deletetsky: AmeriCorps Member and MCC Environmental Steward at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge
  • Barbara and Charlie Grunden

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