June is American Great Outdoors Month!

This month, Maine Governor Paul R. LePage joined President Obama and 49 other Governors in declaring June 2015 Great Outdoors Month. This month-long celebration is meant to bring people together into the great outdoors and encourage natural stewardship. Great Outdoors Month includes several different celebrations by various agencies all across the country: there are sure to be many more activities, but see below for a sampling of all the great activities going on Nationwide.

This year, National Trails Day took place on June 6th and was organized by the American Hiking Society. National Trails Day was first established in 1993 and is a nationwide celebration of America’s Trail system that takes place on the first Saturday of every June. Organizations all across the country sign up with the American Hiking Society and organize events on their lands and trails. The event is meant to encourage appreciation for and stewardship of America’s trail system.

National Get Outdoors Day takes place on June 13th and is a project of Get Outdoors USA!. The event has a long list of partners including federal agencies, private corporations, and non-profits. Their goal is to reach out to first time visitors to public lands and youth and encourage greater participation in outdoor recreation.

On June 19th, our friends at The Corps Network will be hosting the Great Outdoors Day of Service in the Nation’s Capital. Participants will start their day at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and will have the opportunity to do various service projects around Washington D.C.’s parks and landmarks. The event will host several guest speakers, including the Corporation for National & Community Service CEO Wendy Spencer. This will be the second annual Great Outdoors Day of Service: The Corps Network started this tradition in recognition of Great Outdoors Month in 2014. Those not in the area of Washington D.C. are encouraged to participate in volunteer service in their local areas and sharing photos of their activities on social media.

The National Wildlife Federation will be organizing the Great American Campout on June 27th. For each person that pledges to campout on this date, the National Wildlife Federation will receive $1 from their sponsors in support of ongoing efforts to protect America’s great outdoors. Those who make the pledge can spend the night under a tent in their own backyard, in RVs, cabins, or treehouses anywhere in the country that camping is allowed.

Maine Conservation Corps Members organized and participated in events on National Trails Day this past weekend. A followup to this article will appear in a future blog.

This Post Written and Prepared by Dylan Cookson: AmeriCorps Member and MCC Volunteer and Outreach Corrdinator

Contributions to the article made by:

  • Krista Rogers: MCC Community Leader and Environmental Steward Program Coordinator

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