Camden Hills State Park gets a New Bridge!

Camden Hills State Park lies just north of Camden, Maine. It is picturesque woodland with rolling hills, rocky slopes, and scenic vistas. From on top of Mount Battie there are matchless views of Penobscot Bay, its Islands, and the City of Camden. On May 30th trail crew leader Chantelle Hay and her trail team began a bridge building project on the Jack Williams Trail at Camden Hills State Park. The lumber for the new bridge was dropped off at the parking area outside the Nature Trail.


The team was joined by several volunteers including Chantelle’s own parents, Alicia and Brandon Moreau from Whitefield, Maine. Also among the volunteers present were four AmeriCorps Alumni, including Carmen DeMartis, Laura Fringes, and Laura Biren. All three of these outstanding young women have previously served with the Maine Conservation Corps. They were also accompanied by another AmeriCorps Alumnus formerly with the Southwest Conservation Corps.

The hike to reach the Jack William’s trail is not particularly long or challenging on a regular day. On this day however, Chantelle’s team and her volunteers were surmounting forest trails and rocky slopes while carrying varying lengths of pressure treated lumber.

Carmen DeMartis MCC Alumnus

The volunteers took two trips in four hours. On their first trip they carried 12 foot boards for the bridge frame to the work site. After returning to the parking lot they stopped for a lunch break and finished off their task by carrying up planks for the bridge’s decking.  Once the materials were transported to the site, Chantelle’s Field Team bid the volunteers a thankful goodbye and set to work completing the bridge.

Chantelle and her team have since finished their project: as of the end of their second hitch with Camden Hills State Park, they have a completely built bridge. We at the Maine Conservation Corps would like to thank our volunteers for their sweat and tears, and congratulate Chantelle and her team for completing their project. Thanks to all of you, our friends at Camden Hills State Park have a brand new bridge that will last for years to come!

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This Post Written and Prepared by Dylan Cookson: AmeriCorps Member and MCC Volunteer and Outreach Corrdinator

Contributions to the article made by:

  • Krista Rogers: MCC Community Leader and Environmental Steward Program Coordinator
  • Chantelle Hay: MCC Field Crew Leader who provided photographs

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