July’s Volunteer of the Month

Volunteers of the Month for July

Billy Borden:


July’s Volunteer of the Month is Billy Borden of Pownal, Maine. During the month of July, Billy volunteered with Chantelle Hay’s team on the Appalachian Trail near Bemis Mountain. His work ethic and positive attitude left a great impression on Chantelle’s team.

The team members submitted numerous positive comments about Billy’s participation, calling him a diligent worker and a fast learner. “Billy Borden joined our crew for 5 days.  [He] did an outstanding job, [was] always willing to help, and learned fast!  It was a lot of fun working with him” said one member of the crew.

Billy’s mother, Tracy Borden, offered a bit of information about her son for this post:

Billy is a junior at Greely High School. As an 11 year old, he hiked Katahdin with his father and brother, which sparked a lasting passion for the Appalachian Trail. He was inspired to hike the trail by meeting other hikers and hearing their stories.  Volunteering with the Maine Conservation Corps seemed like a good way to give him an introduction to trail life. He is looking forward to hiking the 100 mile wilderness trail next summer with his twin brother.

Billy’s other interests include soccer, lacrosse, and running. He ran his first half Marathon in South Carolina when he was 14.


Honorary Mention:

While Billy Served on the Appalachian Trail, a group of five Boy Scouts joined David Hicks’ at Baxter State Park. These young men cleared trails for two days alongside David’s crew. The Boy Scouts of America have always been active participants in service work and the Maine Conservation Corps Looks forward to working with them again in the future. The Scouts in this troop came from all over the country. Their names are Zachary Bolen, Brian Ross, Graham Owings, Samuel Amick, and Jack Beckerley.

Thank you for all of your hard work!


One thought on “July’s Volunteer of the Month

  1. Hi Billy et al,

    Ray walkinhome Ronan here. Great job! Brad would be so proud. I have worked with the MCC on occasion also – doing a relocation around Flagstaff Lake. Good luck on the 100 mile “wilderness”. It is a wonderful adventure. Keep up the good works.



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