Volunteer of the Month, August 2015

August’s Volunteer of the Month is Jamie Coughlan from Augusta, Maine. Jamie is a close personal friend of MCC staff member Deidrah Stanchfield, and has joined her as a volunteer on several projects through the season. Most recently, he joined Deidrah and Environmental Steward Jordan Tate, at Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park. While there, he assisted Jordan in presenting an interpretive program to the public.

Jamie is originally from southern Maine and was educated at Pierre’s School of Cosmetology in Portland. In addition to helping in his community, Jamie enjoys reading and has read seven or eight books in the past month. Jamie is also a skilled cook, according to Deidrah he; “makes an amazing chicken casserole.”

We at the Maine Conservation Corps would like to thank Jamie for his participation and effort. MCC loves having volunteers of all ages! If you’re interested in joining one of our teams for a few days, please feel free to contact me, Dylan Cookson, at Dylan.Cookson@maine.gov or call me at 207-624-6092.


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