Successful Connections: MCC at the UMaine Orono Career Fair

The Maine Conservation Corps attended the University of Maine Orono Campus Career Fair on Wednesday, February 1st as one of over 150 employers ready to connect with students seeking summer internships, part-time exposure to an area of their studies, or full time employment to transition into society after graduation.

As the largest Career Fair in Maine, this all day event was made possible through the UMaine Orono campus Career Center, who organized, advertised and prepared students in all levels of their education path, to attend the employment event. The Career Center, a free and readily accessible resource for all Orono students, is open every day for ongoing efforts to produce confident, capable, student-lead successes toward their next steps.

Beginning as early as their freshman enrollment, the Career Center is made available and begins to build a connection as a skill-building support system for UMaine students. Through classroom presentations, an introduction to the various resources available at the Career Center is exposed with an open door policy for students to meet one on one with certified career counselors. Students are then able to create content for their resumes, participate in mock interviews and incorporate the feedback of their counselors to strengthen output, as they continue to meet, practice and target their efforts toward successfully connecting with employment opportunities.

Students on campus are drawn to an array of options to best find and relate to the skill building criteria that the Career Center has to offer. Director Crisanne Blackie relays that “Social media is bigger now than ever, so we’ve expanded our efforts to reach the students differently.” With announcements about ongoing workshops, insights and support, the Career Center has found numerous avenues to connect with students such as “campus-wide announcements, articles posted on the Career Center website, postings on Facebook, Pinterest, you name it. Anyway to reach students with tips on career fair attendance and making a good impression when seeking employment is included, and the outreach is constant, consistent and engaging.” Blackie notes. The maintained website also links to blog material, showcasing how to take what’s in your closet, and turn it into professional wear.

The Career Center website also offers a free app called Career Simplicity for students to download. This real time app was used to connect students with all of the employer information from the recent Career Fair, right onto their device. The accessibility to see which employers were attending, any cancellations and a map of the Career Fair tables, helped students navigate and meet with areas of interest in person, as well as through a provided link leading directly to the organizations website to follow up. The Career Simplicity app is kept current with all job postings submitted to the UMaine Orono Career Center, so students are able to continue to have access to any job search efforts. This free app is encouraged and used beginning as a freshman, and develops into a second nature area of interest to utilize upon graduation. Made possible through a career link database, managed by Simplicity, this effort is endorsed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE ) and is connected system-wide through all UMaine campuses, as well as available at schools across the country.

MCC was thoroughly impressed by the firm handshakes, eye contact and professional dress of over 950 students in attendance. Some dressed in complete suits, and all were yielding impressive resumes with a wide variety of skills, studies and extracurricular activities. The students were engaging, determined and set forth their intentions as to why they’d be a good candidate, as well as what they’re hoping to gain from their employment experience. Whether their availability was for a summer internship or full time next steps upon graduation in May, MCC was excited to connect and provide opportunity to hire with flexible options for students to take on environmental employment through a term of service in Maine for 300, 450, 900 or 1700 hours.

The Career Center of UMaine Orono has been carving out a career path with students since they arrived on campus, and it is with great honor that MCC offers to carry on in that scope, by offering work-readiness training and skill building for Members in a term of service through WorkReady certification. This way, employment with MCC not only comes with exposure to the great outdoors, team-building, stipend pay and an education award to assist with payment of student loans or tuition, but also continues to foster the opportunity for career skills to flourish with certification incorporated through the WorkReady program, enhancing the career path efforts and continuing the work readiness training that Orono students have become familiar with over the years.

For more information about open employment opportunities with MCC please visit: and for insights into the UMaine Orono Career Center visit:


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