Alumni Spotlight: Chuck Davis

We love hearing from our Alumni! For this blog post we are putting a spotlight on MCC Alum Chuck Davis! In 2008 Chuck was an Assistant Team Leader working at Acadia National Park and Mt. Blue State Park. In 2010, he was a Team Leader for a summer team working at Bradbury State Park, Mackworth Island, and Portland Trails and finally in fall 2010 he was a Team Leader working at Acadia National Park, Caribou MTN/Donnell Region, and Cutler State Park. Chuck is now working at L.L. Bean as a Systems Analyst!

My dreams became reality, but I also gain new skills and above all new friendships that will last my whole life.”

How did serving with MCC affect your personal and professional growth?

“Serving in the MCC help me become a better leader. When I became in ATL in 2008, it was my first time being in a leadership position. My communication skills and decision making skills were put to the test and help become a leader in my position today. In 2010, I was the team leader and it was my first time being responsible for a crew and their wellbeing. All these skills I have really started with working with the MCC.”

What is your favorite memory with MCC?

“There are so many memories; it’s hard to just pick one. In 2008, one of the best memories I can recall is when it rained 28 of the 31 days in July and we were all soaked, tired and just wanted to not work. We all decided to go to one of the team member’s homes that was less than 30 minutes away from where we were staying at MT Blue State Park. The team member’s parents cook us a huge meal and it really lifted everyone’s spirits up. In 2010, I had the pleasure of being a Team Leader for two teams. The first memory was from my summer team. During the second to last week before the season was done I got a few teams to come together to climb Tumbledown Mountain. We all made it and after we were done we drove back to my house and had a big BBQ and everyone camp in my backyard. One of the best memories from my fall team was when we work in Cutler State Park. We were able to stay in a cabin at Cobscook State Park. We had so many laughs and made pretty extravagant meals.”

What was your reasoning for joining the MCC?

“I joined because I love the outdoors and love to be able to fix trails, so others can enjoy without damaging the trails too much. I also joined because I wanted to gain leadership skills that would benefit me the rest of my life.”

Why should prospective members join?

“To this day I still tell people or you want to get out of the normal routine and do something different go do a summer or fall season with the MCC. If you love the outdoors and having a lot of laughs, then this is the place for you.”



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