Volunteer Shoreline Restoration Day


On Saturday, June 10th, MCC Environmental Steward Robin Gropp coordinated a Volunteer Shoreline Restoration Day at Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery in Orland to help restore the shore and protect the waters of Alamoosook Lake. Volunteers came together to plant native shrubs and improve beach access.

35079895400_f85eb39835_oThe event was an amazing success and Robin thanked the 42 volunteers for attending and for their help accomplishing the following:

“We planted 75 hearty native shrubs to stimulate bank revegetation and stabilization along 300 feet of shoreline. Installed 2 sets of sturdy rot-resistant steps that will provide designated and durable access points to the lake. The steps were completed in the days following the event by resident Hatchery volunteer superstars Dan Barna and Dave Folce along with District staff. The final products look and feel great. Logged 187 hours of cumulative volunteer time, which enables continued grant support for more projects throughout the watershed in the coming two years.

These measures help to block polluted runoff from entering our lake, and to maintain a stable and healthy shoreline for continued public access.”


Additionally Robin thanked all the partners for helping make the event a success:

“We would also like to again thank our many project partners who made this event possible, and with whom we collaborate with on many similar projects throughout the Alamoosook Lake Watershed and Hancock County. Check out the links to their websites below for information about what they do and upcoming events:

The project measures aim to stabilize the eroding banks, focus public access to durable locations, and serve as a filter for soil and pollutants which would otherwise run straight in to the lake. To learn more about keeping your lake healthy and protect your favorite lake, pond or river. You can listen to WERU’s Maine Currents: Avoiding and Mitigating Watershed pollution that originally aired on June 13th. The radio broadcast has guest speakers:

  • Zack Steele, Exec. Dir. Hancock Cty. S.W.C.District
  • Chip Stubbs, Alamoosook Lake resident, past president of the Alamoosook Lake Association
  • John Wedin, Watershed Stewart for the Ellsworth, ME Water District
  • Art Grindle, Kennebec County Soil and Water Conservation District

and interviews with Robin and members of the Maine Conservation Corps from the volunteer workday event.


Maine Conservation Corps is thankful that Hancock County Soil and Water Conservation District is such an amazing partner and we were happy to be part of such an successful volunteer event. It is inspiring to work with so many dedicated volunteers who care about the community, environment, and impact they can create.



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