Earth Day Urban Gardening in Portland

On Friday April 22nd, thirty volunteers came together to celebrate Earth Day at the Boyd Street Urban Farm in Portland. This event was a collaboration between the Maine Conservation Corps and Cultivating Community. The mission of Cultivating Community is to create and sustain greater access to healthy local foods. Their hope is to empower people … Continue reading Earth Day Urban Gardening in Portland


5 Tips for Staying Healthy When Active This Winter

Cold weather has its charms. Kids love seeing their own steamy breaths floating on the air. Snow is source of more outdoor activities that I can count, and can make any landscape into a gorgeous vista. Mainers retain their childlike love of the winter months through most of their lives. Maine’s winters are a popular … Continue reading 5 Tips for Staying Healthy When Active This Winter

Back Packing: What to Carry

Most Maine Conservation Corps members have to go backpacking during some part of their term of service. Field crews often hike out to both campsites and work sites with packs filled with equipment. Today, I am going to go over what you should bring with you when backpacking in the Maine Wilderness. If you are … Continue reading Back Packing: What to Carry

Ticked in Maine

An issue of increasing importance to Maine’s outdoorsy residents is ticks. Maine is home to several species of ticks; two of these, dog and deer ticks, will feed on humans fairly commonly and are often picked up during outdoor activities. The following information is summarized from the Maine CDC and University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s … Continue reading Ticked in Maine